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NCSAM 2019: Bridging the Gap

Understanding what you are required to do or recommended to do is different from being able to actually do it. When it comes to campus safety prevention and response, multiple voices and perspectives sharing what must or should be done can confuse what is actually required or how to best implement those requirements. Similarly, it can be difficult to create buy-in at an institution for support in campus safety work when questions about requirements or best practices are left unresolved or unanswered.

During National Campus Safety Awareness Month 2019 Clery Center provided multiple professional development opportunities through webinars, resources, and tools that clarify areas of campus safety prevention and response work that are commonly confused or misunderstood. From sharing strategies about dating violence prevention to distinguishing the differences between timely warnings and emergency notification, to explaining what a biennial review actually is, this NCSAM we focused on supplying answers that provide greater understanding of Clery Act requirements and strategies for implementing those requirements as well as other aspects of campus safety. The key to effectively addressing campus safety is to bridge the gap between theory or requirements and practice. Use 2019’s resources and strategies to enhance your own understanding of current campus safety best practices and improve your own prevention and response procedures.  

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