Anne Seymour 

Anne Seymour
Anne Seymour has 39 years of experience as a national advocate for crime victims and survivors. She is currently a Consultant to several national justice reform initiatives; and is the Associate Academic Program Director for the National Mass Violence Victimization Resource Center.  She began her career in 1984 as the Director of Public Affairs for the National Office of Mothers Against Drunk Driving and, from 1985 to 1993, as co-founder and Director of Communications and Resource Development of the National Victim Center (now National Center for Victims of Crime). Anne has consulted with the U.S. Departments of Justice, Defense, State and Health & Human Services, the Peace Corps, and all 50 state governments to develop policies and protocols that improve the sensitive treatment of crime victims and survivors, and promote justice reforms that improve individual and public safety.

Anne has developed and implemented training and technical assistance programs to strengthen victims' rights and services in justice reform initiatives, mass violence readiness and response, mental and behavioral health, law enforcement, prosecution, the judiciary, juvenile justice, restorative justice and community and institutional corrections. Her extensive research includes co-authoring the landmark study Rape in America: A Report to the Nation in 1992; she is the principal author of the American Correctional Association's Report and Recommendations on Victims of Juvenile Offenders, as well as of the Office for Victims of Crime Special Report on Victims of Gang Violence. Seymour is a principal author of the National Victim Assistance Academy texts sponsored by the Office for Victims of Crime, as well as co-author of the NVAA’s advanced offerings, including the “Ultimate Educator” Training-for-Trainers and the “Leadership in Victim Services” texts. She has served as a Consultant to over ten State Victim Assistance Academies.

She has authored or contributed to over 50 curricula and texts published by the Office for Victims of Crime and Bureau of Justice Assistance since 1989, including “The Victim Role in Offender Reentry” and “Creating a Victim Focus: A Guide to Working with Victims During Offender Reentry” books.  She is the co-author and editor of Legacy of Community Justice. Anne was also the Director of the OVC Strategic Planning Toolkit Project, and served as its principal author, editor and coordinator of a national “training for planners” and National Statewide Strategic Planning Conference. She was the Project Director for OVC’s Oral History Project, and its National Public Awareness and Education Campaign. Anne has also served as a consultant and trainer for the U.S. Department of State to help improve services to American citizens who are victimized abroad, and was Co-investigator on the first project to determine mental health problems in Vietnam. She has appeared in virtually every news medium -- including all network morning shows and evening newscasts, Nightline, Larry King Live, Crossfire, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and Frontline -- as an expert on crime victims'/survivors’ issues and rights.   

Anne is a member of the U.S. Congressional Crime Survivors & Justice Caucus Advisory Group; the Association of Paroling Authorities, International Victims Committee; and is the previous victim advocate representative on the National Institute of Corrections Advisory Board. She serves on the Boards of Directors of the National Victims’ Constitutional Amendment Network, the Clery Center, and the International Organization for Victim Assistance.  She is a Founding and Core Faculty Member of the USDOJ National Victim Assistance Academy; consultant to the National Association of VOCA Assistance Administrators; and former Secretary of the National Association of Victim Assistance in Corrections. Anne is a member of the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committees for the Clery Center Board of Directors; DC Victim Assistance Network; and National Mass Violence Victimization Resource Center.    

Anne has received numerous honors for her efforts, including the 2018 U.S. Congressional Victims’ Rights Caucus Lifetime Achievement Award; 2017 Jeanne Clery Award for Campus Safety; 2016 Interstate Commission for Adult Offender Supervision Peyton Tuthill Award; two awards from U.S. Congress and the Department of Navy for her role in responding to the mass violence at the Navy Yard in September 2013; the 2013 Maryland Crime Victims Resource Center Champion for Crime Victims Award; 2012 APPA Jo Kegans Award for Outstanding Victim Services; the 2011 Victim Advocacy Award from the National Crime Victim Law Institute; the 2007 U.S. Congressional Victims’ Rights Caucus Ed Stout Memorial Award for Outstanding Victim Advocacy; and the 1992 “Outstanding Services to Crime Victims” award from President Bush. She graduated from California State University, Chico in 1979 with a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work/Corrections, and was valedictorian of her graduating class. Anne completed her coursework in the CSU, Chico Masters of Public Administration Program. She lives in Washington, DC where she enjoys gardening, long walks and cheering for her beloved Green Bay Packers. 

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