About the National Advisory Council 

Clery Center has over 35 years of proven leadership in advancing the field of campus safety and providing expert guidance to colleges and universities across the country. As a national nonprofit we are committed to continually finding ways to expand our reach and meet the evolving needs of campus communities. A key goal for Clery Center over the next two years is to enhance our impact by strengthening our identity and leadership position as broadly encompassing campus safety.

The National Advisory Council will model the multidisciplinary approach to campus safety that leads to the most meaningful and sustainable change, with representatives that are actively serving in various critical roles at institutions. Members will bring their unique identities, expertise, and lived experience to help Clery Center identify opportunities and challenges to enhancing safety on college campuses. Members may also be invited to participate in speaking engagements, conversations with legislators, and interviews with the media or other stakeholders as opportunities arise. The Council is a non-governing body that is designed to boost the organization’s connection to the larger higher education community and to inform efforts at Clery Center and beyond related to policy, prevention, and response. 

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Inaugural Members

Haley Baum

Dr. Haley Baum
Assistant Vice President
for Student Advocacy,
Belonging & Campus
Standards and
Dean of Students,
Stockton University


Kayla DeCant

Kayla DeCant
Project Director for
Prevention & Outreach,
Lewis University


John Fry

John A. Fry
President, Drexel University


 Sylvia Gray

Dr. Sylvia Gray
Senior Director of Equity, Equal
Opportunity, & Title IX,
Sewanee | The University
of the South

Joycelyn Johnson

Joycelyn M. Johnson
Chief of Police,
Southern University
and A&M College

  Hikaru Kozuma

Hikaru Kozuma

Vice Provost for
University Life,
University of Pennsylvania

  Lorena Penaloza

Lorena Peñaloza

Chief Campus Counsel,
University of California,


Eric Sullivan

Eric Sullivan

Director of Campus Safety,
Williams College