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From January 2000 to May 2015, there were 85 fatal fires in dormitories, fraternities, sororities and off-campus housing, resulting in 118 fatalities — an average of approximately seven per school year. Other nonfatal, but nonetheless dangerous, fire-related injuries are suffered by students and staff at institutions of higher education each year.

We believe that with enough knowledge, planning, and precaution, fire-related death and injury can be prevented. So, under funding from a Department of Homeland Security Fire Prevention and Safety Grant, we created The Alarming Truth  —  a short film on the importance of fire prevention and safety for college students, especially those living off campus.

As part of this initiative, we also created a screening guide which provides suggestions on how to use The Alarming Truth as a tool to teach fire safety to college-level students, especially those living or moving off campus. The guide includes a complete lesson plan that you can run as is, or you can draw from particular activities, resources and discussion questions in order to develop a program that will accommodate the needs of your institution.

Alarming Truth Screening Guide file
Alarming Truth Screening Guide – Plain-text file

Initiative Partners

Campus Firewatch
What they do: Work to improve fire safety at schools and in communities.
What to look for: A monthly electronic newsletter on campus fire safety and other fire safety resources.

Michael H. Minger Foundation
What they do: Raise awareness and standards of campus fire safety for all students and address fire safety issues specific to students with disabilities.
What to look for: Resources for fire safety education on campus, including RA guides and videos.

Philadelphia Fire Department

University of Pennsylvania

Rowan University

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